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2019 Resolution: A Man is Not a Plan!

Your 2019 resolution may be to take a great vacation, get yourself and your life organized, get your kids to the next grade, make more money, or find a partner with whom you can journey through life. All of those are great resolutions… but guess what? They all take money, or the freedom money provides to make good decisions, take time to work on yourself, and add margin to your life.

According to Psychology Today, the top two reasons resolutions fail are: Your expectations were not realistic, and Your resolutions were not properly defined.

When it comes to setting goals or making resolutions and having the financial ability to meet those goals, you need to be realistic and defined. That’s where A Man is Not a Plan can help. Read this excerpt from chapter one “If Only Cinderella Knew the Statistics”

A Man is Not a Plan excerpt Chapter 1 If Cinderella Only Knew the Statistics