David L. Holzer

David L. Holzer
Insurance Advisor
Phone: 412-341-2888 ext. 313
Fax: 412-341-0725

David Holzer joined the Musuneggi Financial Group in 2016, bringing over fourteen years of insurance industry experience to the firm. David’s mission is to help clients understand “Shugo.” That is, “Protection.” This could be in regards to self-defense or in the realm of financial protection. You see, in addition to being an Insurance Advisor at The Musuneggi Financial Group, David is also owner and head instructor of the Pittsburgh Combat Club.

Shugo is the concept of protection. It is the peace of mind that you gain knowing that you can protect yourself and your loved ones through planning and action. That’s what I do. I help families & small businesses to ‘protect’ themselves and those that they care about from life’s unexpected twists and turns.”

One is about real world self-defense and the other is about real world insurance planning. In both cases, David’s focus is on educating and empowering clients and students to take knowledgeable action—the kind of action that will protect themselves and their loved ones.

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