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How Can The Musuneggi Financial Group Help You with Insurance?

life insYou know us as your family of financial professionals: the folks you call when you need help with your budgeting, investing, and life planning.

Retirement? That’s us. Planning to pay for a new home or college or a wedding? Yep, we’re on your team. Ready to take care of estate planning? Call us today!

But did you also know we are a licensed insurance firm? Hi, it’s great to meet you. But this isn’t a new development; we’ve been helping clients to identify and cover their insurance needs from the beginning.

When it comes to life, disability, health, life settlement, and long-term care insurance, call us if you have it or even if you just want to learn more about your options. We can review your existing policies and look for ways you might be able to save money or fill in coverage gaps. And for small business owners, we can help with group plans and voluntary supplemental programs.

So now when you think about The Musuneggi Financial Group, remember that your family of financial professionals is also your family of insurance professionals!