Investment Management

Our hands on, active Investment Management services cover the day-to-day oversight of your portfolio. After reviewing your existing portfolio and integrating it with the goals from your Financial Plan above, we create an Investment Plan consisting of any of the following elements:

Personal Profile - Includes your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, preferences and attitudes toward investing.

Asset Allocation - Based on your Financial Plan. Includes how your money should be put into different categories depending upon your age, time horizon, goals, financial condition and risk tolerance.

Investment Policy Statement - Going beyond the categories in your Asset Allocation above, an IPS is a formal document providing an agreed upon guideline for how your money is to be managed. The goal is to maximize investment returns relative to your desired degree of safety, through careful and custom diversification. All accounts are non-discretionary. MFG does not purchase or sell any investments on your behalf without your express, prior authorization, usually granted over the phone.

Institutional Quality Implementation - Your asset allocation may be managed directly by MFG or by institutional money management firms not normally accessible to individual investors, using a wide range of investment vehicles including: Mutual Funds, Annuities, and non-correlated (Alternative) investments, whose goal is not to move in step with stock or bond markets.

Ongoing Assessment - Both your individual investment portfolio and any outside money managers are carefully monitored on a continual basis. We attend live conferences and meet with money managers or their representatives, as well as participate in conference calls and webinars. We “manage the managers” to help make sure your money remains invested in a manner consistent with your changing goals and needs.

Periodic Rebalancing - Involves the potential for recommended changes to your portfolio on a quarterly basis, depending on how large any particular investment may have grown, so it doesn’t “take over” your portfolio.

Communication - We provide quarterly reports and take the time to communicate with you either in person or on the phone, so you always understand what you own and how it’s performing.

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