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Friends Helping Friends 2021: “A Little Night Magic”

Friends Helping Friends 2021

After cancelling our 2020 celebration in order to protect the health and safety of our clients, we at The Musuneggi Financial Group were overjoyed to be able to bring back our Friends Helping Friends celebration for 2021.

On October 28th, The Musuneggi Financial Group hosted our Friends Helping Friends celebration at the LeMont Restaurant on Mt. Washington, high above Downtown Pittsburgh. The theme of the evening was “A Little Night Magic” and, accordingly, our guests were treated to sleight of hand tricks and up close magic in between drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Friends Helping Friends 2021After enjoying a sit down dinner, illusionist, mentalist, and comedian Steve Haberman performed a magical show that astounded, amazed, and frankly cracked our guests up. From producing bowling balls out of thin air to guessing the names of childhood friends and pets, Steve ensured our guests left wondering: how did he do that? At the end of the evening, we bid adieu to our guests with a sweet send off: custom cookies by Natalie Miller of The Grumpy Old Lady Cake Company

We would like to take a moment to thank our guests for joining us for a truly magical evening. Your continued support and trust in our firm is the highest compliment we can receive, and it is our honor to honor those 

What is Friends Helping Friends?

At The Musuneggi Financial Group, we take great pride in being a family-owned firm, but we value our friends just as much! Nothing is as meaningful as having clients tell their family and friends to give us a call when they have financial questions or concerns. It is an honor to have the people we care about entrust us with the people they care about. This is why we started Friends Helping Friends more than a decade ago.

The Friends Helping Friends program is one way we say “thank you!” for introducing us to your family, friends, colleagues and associates. And every year, we gather all of the Friends Helping Friends members together to celebrate at the much-anticipated Friends Helping Friends Gala. The themes of our annual gala have taken us from the red carpet to Miss Kitty’s Saloon and from PNC Park to the LeMont. We’ve worn fancy hats for our own Kentucky Derby and poodle skirts to our Sock Hop. What remains the same across the years is our desire to show our clients and their referrals just how much we appreciate their continued business. 

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how you can participate in our 2022 Friends Helping Friends program.