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Financial Planning is the process of organizing, evaluating and utilizing your financial resources to help define and pursue your life goals.  Each plan is constructed in house and personally managed by our advisors (click to learn more about their experience and designations). Clients can view their data and recommendations in real time, using the latest technology to make adjustments along the way. Each plan may consist of any of the following parts:

Cash Flow Analysis – Covers debt reduction, credit review, budget planning, establishing savings.

Goal Setting – Unless written down in a clear, concise fashion, goals tend to remain just ideas. We write down and help track your financial goals with you.

Personal Net-Worth Analysis – Benchmarking your balance sheet (assets minus liabilities). Many people are surprised by their net worth because they’ve never seen it in black and white.

Income Tax Analysis & Reduction – A thorough examination of your current tax scenario to help minimize your tax liability.  We also identify and help to create opportunities to redirect cash flow savings above into your retirement accounts.

Education Planning -  It’s no small task these days to pay for a college education. We calculate the monthly savings or lump-sum investment needed to meet your goal, as well as help you select the education plan to save for a future education goal.

Retirement Projections – We’ll help you answer the question, “How am I doing?” and even more important, “What more can I/we do?” Includes evaluation of your current retirement savings and alternative strategies to help ensure greater financial security throughout retirement.

Insurance Needs Analysis – Some clients may have been oversold insurance by insurance agents. We may be able to either reduce your coverage to a more suitable level, or obtain the same coverage for less premium, once again redirecting those savings into your retirement accounts.

Estate Planning – Don’t let Uncle Sam become your largest heir.  By planning today, you may be able to maximize the transfer of your wealth and control while reducing taxes.

Our hands on, active Investment Management services cover the day-to-day oversight of your portfolio. After reviewing your existing portfolio and integrating it with the goals from your Financial Plan above, we create an Investment Plan consisting of any of the following elements:

Personal Profile - Includes your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, preferences and attitudes toward investing.

Asset Allocation - Based on your Financial Plan. Includes how your money should be put into different categories depending upon your age, time horizon, goals, financial condition and risk tolerance.

Investment Policy Statement - Going beyond the categories in your Asset Allocation above, an IPS is a formal document providing an agreed upon guideline for how your money is to be managed. The goal is to maximize investment returns relative to your desired degree of safety, through careful and custom diversification. All accounts are non-discretionary. MFG does not purchase or sell any investments on your behalf without your express, prior authorization, usually granted over the phone.

Institutional Quality Implementation - Your asset allocation may be managed directly by MFG or by institutional money management firms not normally accessible to individual investors, using a wide range of investment vehicles including: Mutual Funds, Annuities, and non-correlated (Alternative) investments, whose goal is not to move in step with stock or bond markets.

Ongoing Assessment - Both your individual investment portfolio and any outside money managers are carefully monitored on a continual basis. We attend live conferences and meet with money managers or their representatives, as well as participate in conference calls and webinars. We “manage the managers” to help make sure your money remains invested in a manner consistent with your changing goals and needs.

Periodic Rebalancing - Involves the potential for recommended changes to your portfolio on a quarterly basis, depending on how large any particular investment may have grown, so it doesn’t “take over” your portfolio.

Communication - We provide quarterly reports and take the time to communicate with you either in person or on the phone, so you always understand what you own and how it’s performing.

There is nothing worse than working hard all your life to accumulate a comfortable retirement only to have it disappear due to a long term illness, health catastrophe or prolonged legal battle. Even worse is having Uncle Sam become your largest heir.  Our Asset Protection Service essentially combines the Insurance Needs Analysis and Estate Planning services into a “mini plan” whose sole objective is to protect what you’ve built thus far and continue to protect what we will accumulate for you together in the future.

For those clients wishing to leave a legacy that represents their values, we help create a thoughtful, flexible estate plan to direct your wealth according to your wishes.

We work closely with your CPA and Attorney for tax and legal assistance, providing a “one-stop-shopping experience” for all of your financial, insurance, investment, and estate planning needs.  For those clients who do not have an attorney or CPA, we recommend professionals in our area.

We offer Estate and Philanthropic Planning as a stand-alone service or as part of our Financial Planning package. Will your Estate Plan include leaving a legacy with contributions to your family, community or favorite charity? For those clients who have already reached their Net Worth Goals, we help  generate an income for life. Transferring your wealth to future generations – whether it’s your heirs, a favorite charity, or other causes – involves creating a plan to help you leave what you want, to whom you want, when you want. Together with our associates, we offer a full range of services–including Trust Services–to help implement your plan.

We offer College Funding as a stand-alone service or as part of our Financial Planning package.

It’s never too early to plan for the rising costs of college. We show you how to project the amount you’ll need, and we create a plan to meet those future expenses.  Together, with our associates, we also help you to research, apply for, and even negotiate a wide variety of financial aid options.

Includes access to college funding specialist associate to help ensure you, your children or your grandchildren can afford higher education, including saving, loans, tax-free/deferred options and other sources of funding.

If you are facing the challenge of Divorce, knowing what you own is critical. We help you place a financial value on your assets, determine any current or future liabilities, and develop a budget you can use to help create a new life.

We help educate and advise you in any of the following areas:

  • Listing & Valuing of Assets
  • Calculating Budgets
  • Identifying Personal vs. Marital Property
  • Valuing & Dividing Property
  • Determining Retirement Assets & Pensions
  • Deciding How To Split The House
  • Examining Tax &Financial Issues Affecting Divorce

For our senior clients who want to travel or simplify, or just feel it’s time to make some changes, we offer Senior Lifestyle Planning to help examine alternatives to their current lifestyles. Do you stay in your home, downsize, or move to a retirement community? Will you stay in your current location or move, possibly out-of-state?  We look at all the numbers, help you create a plan, and then connect you with to our network of architects or realtors to help ensure a smooth transition.

When you’re facing a career-related transition, you need a clear picture of your short and long-term financial situations. Whether you are an employee who was involuntarily terminated, an entrepreneur who wants to start a business, or simply are someone who is ready to explore changing careers, our Life & Career Planning services can help you to make educated steps forward. Includes review of benefit options and access to our resume & career counselor associate.

If you are Involuntarily Terminated or Changing Careers, we can help you to…

  • Reposition yourself in the marketplace
  • Set goals and retool skills
  • Refine resume
  • Polish interviewing skills
  • Connect you with community resources

If you are Starting a Business, we can help you to…

  • Discover your passion & find direction
  • Reinforce competencies through assessments
  • Connect you with business resources

Are you a recent college graduate? A newlywed? A new parent? Starting your first job? Are you divorced, widowed, out there on your own? Would you like to start a business? Have you changed jobs or careers?

Then you probably wish that you had help, advice and professional assistance with the many financial decisions you will need to make. This is where our financial coaching program Starting Out/Starting Over comes in.

Starting Out/Starting Over connects you to an advisor who is available to help you make wise financial decisions and guide you through a customized curriculum that covers key financial topics like budgeting, financial literacy, debt management, and investing 101.

Because we know everyone starts somewhere, Starting Out/Starting Over is designed to be affordable. The fee structure fits into your lifestyle like a gym membership or movie subscription.

And it’s easy to take the first step: connect one-on-one with an advisor for your complimentary 15-minute “Get Acquainted” phone call.

Whether you’re starting out or starting over, it’s worth taking fifteen minutes out of your day to talk with one of our advisors and see if this program is a good fit for you. (A year of Starting Out/Starting Over also makes a great gift for graduations and weddings!)

Contact us here to schedule your “Get Acquainted” call.

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