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Caregiving Resource Guide

Provided by Nationwide

You or someone you know may spend a lot of time taking care of a loved one. A Nationwide consumer survey found that older adults who are or were caregivers spent an average of 21 hours a week as a caregiver.  And those with fewer financial resources are more likely to spend 101 to 150 hours a week as a caregiver.1

Because of this, Nationwide created the Caregiving Resource Guide to help understand the challenges that can come with caring for a friend or family member.

Click the image to download the Nationwide Caregiving Resource Guide PDF

1 – “The Nationwide Retirement Institute Long-Term Care Costs in Retirement Consumer Survey,” conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Nationwide Retirement Institute. This online survey was conducted March 25 through Apr. 10, 2019, among 1,462 U.S. adults, age 50 or older, with investable assets of $50,000 or more and 516 U.S. adults age 50 or over who are caregivers.