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Having “The Talk”

Sounds awkward, right? Don’t worry, it wasn’t that talk. Whew!

Mary Grace spoke to a full house at Asbury Heights last week, encouraging parents and their adult children to open up a dialogue. She acknowledged that discussing a parent’s wishes for end-of-life issues like finances, medical care, and funeral arrangements isn’t a conversation anyone looks forward to; still, it is a necessary conversation to have. Having the talk means having no misconceptions about what a parent wants and how these desires can be accomplished, as Mary Grace illustrated with personal experience:

“I have one child who I believe knows me very well.  But having my wishes in writing means he doesn’t have to guess. He has a track to run on, he is confident that these are my wishes, and in a time of stress or in an emergency, he can bring logic into an emotional situation.”

One way to go from talking to planning is to complete a Family Letter. The Family Letter keeps important information in one place, and it can be adjusted as often as you like. For a complimentary copy of the Family Letter, contact us.