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Introducing The Family Legacy Initiative

FAMILYThis year we’re excited to launch a new program, The Family Legacy Initiative. Through this initiative, we will be able to provide our clients and their families with programs and information to help them have “The Talk”; make preparations for later life issues and lifestyle changes; explore medical, financial, and living arrangements; and prepare for happiness and security as they–or their parents–age.

Please join us for our Kickoff event, Having “The Talk,” on January 30 from 6 – 8 PM at the Carnegie Municipal Building. Mary Grace Musuneggi, President & CEO of The Musuneggi Financial Group, will discuss how to use the Family Meeting and the Family Letter to communicate your plans and wishes for financial matters, living arrangements, and final arrangements to your family. Parents, bring your adult children; adult children, bring your parents!

This event is free for clients and their guests.

For more information about this event click here.

This is a no cost, no obligation event. This information should not be considered as tax/legal advice. You should consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own tax/legal situation.