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So What Will You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

As our country begins to open after a long, planned shutdown helping to deter the spread of the Coronavirus, I am echoing the call of my friends and business associates who cannot wait to leave their homes.  Many are heading to the hair salon and then planning a vacation.  One friend admitted that she was planning to stop to get her hair cut on her way to the airport.  When I inquired as to where she was planning on going, she replied “anywhere”.

Although the whole reason we go to work is to earn a living so that we can be happy at home, as Americans, too much home, can be quite enough.  Being out and about, traveling, adventuring is a priority for most of us.  So, as you have been “hunkering down” over the last three months, what have you dreamt about doing?  Where do you want to go?  What’s the first place you will venture out to?

Visit our Facebook page and share with us, what you will do on your Summer Vacation 2020.  Your plans may be an inspiration to others.