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Support Small Business Saturday 2014!


Here at The Musuneggi Financial Group, we know first-hand the value of supporting our community’s small businesses.

Not too long ago, our Vice President of Operations, Rosalind Frazier, shopped for new tires. A national chain advised her to purchase four tires at a cost of $700. This seemed expensive, and as Rosalind considered her options she remembered that throughout her childhood her father went to a privately owned tire company on the South Side when he needed new tires. Her father was a city firefighter, and she recalled him saying this place treated firefighters very well.

Rosalind drove to the local shop and spoke with the owner, who inspected her tires and determined she really only needed two new tires; the other two were still good and would make it through another Pittsburgh winter. He changed the tires on the spot, and the total cost was $250. Shopping locally saved Rosalind $450 that day, and that savings came with the added value of honest and friendly customer service.

We often think that large companies are more competitive because of their buying power, and in some cases that may be so. But before you walk past the local, family-owned small business assuming it is more expensive, stop in and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose and something to gain: the hidden advantage of local small businesses is often excellent, personal customer service.

This Saturday, November 29th, is Small Business Saturday. Whether you need to buy or not, visit the small businesses in your community. They will be more than happy to meet their “neighbors.”